Skimlink The Empowering Commerce Content

Skimlinks provides you with a platform to monetize your content for online publishers. They specialize in affiliating product links from publicists` commerce content without bothering them to add specific affiliate links themselves manually. They have thousands of affiliates partners who provide a complete diverse platform. They provide empowering strategies to publishers enhance your commerce content, which will consequently increase your revenue, and you will be less dependent on advertising. 

It has technology that will automatically help you earn shares of sales derived through links in the content made by editors. Skimlinks is your single solution for starting, growing, taking your business to another level. Skimlinks, today, with more than nine years in the market, is connecting almost 60,000 publishers to more than 48,000 merchants worldwide while generating the outcome of a sale of $2.4m approximately. It has now a trusted partner for online publishers.

How Does Skimlinks Run?

They benefit publishers to gain commissions through the sales they stimulate through the links on their websites. They need to append links straight to the content of the product, and then it is turned into affiliate links. Further, links in the content are monetized by Skimlinks when a direct purchase is made through that link. At the same time, it depends on publishers where and how they want to incorporate links in the content with their products.

How Can You Join Skimlinks?

To join Skimlinks as a publisher is quite simple. You need to fill the form out to signup and provide your basic details and website URL. But if you are a merchant, you do not need to roll. Because, for now, they work with merchants through different affiliate networks like Rakuten Advertising, Partnerize, Impact, and Awin. They want merchants to join these networks because they have the technology to track sales and clicks, making it easier for publicists to access merchants.  If you wish to get the best of offers from merchants, you need to be approved by their teams to ensure that your website meets all the standards of their publishers` team. You will get the approval email within 2 to 3 days if you are not required to submit additional information.  


  • There`s no requirement for specific traffic, and anyone can join the Skimlinks even if they have minimal traffic.  

  • They have hundreds of merchants to connect you with, providing you with a vast platform.

  • Skimlinks has thousands of well known brands, which you can promote. You do not have to worry if the brand rejects your application on the direct link. You can still feature them through affiliate links. 

  • Skimlinks have exclusive contracts with some merchants, which ultimately helps you get a higher commission than anywhere else. 

  • When you get linked with the merchant directly, you might make less money. But when you join any label with an affiliate network, you gain more commission. The affiliate is the mediator, and they don`t do it for free. When you work through Skimlinks, they cut 25% of your share.

  • The commission rates for some merchants are available, but for some, it is not. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Good news for all. Skimlinks is free for all to join. The most considerable part is that they welcome every blogger, be they new or already well settled in their team. With other affiliate marketing firms, you will need to approach the actual brand or firm`s affiliates programmes too, but with Skimlinks, you do not need that. You can connect with any of their merchants as per your interest as you enter the team of Skimlinks. 

The Best Affiliate Program For Your Content

It is indeed. Skimlinks work with more than 20,000 brands of different categories that you can feature in your content. They help to create more revenue. They give you a better commission rate with their Preferred Partner Programs. Their publisher hub is well designed to provide an insight into your performance. You also monetize your social media account, newsletter, emails, etc., with Skimlinks.

Is Skimlink Meriting It?

The answer is simple. Yes, it does. Skimlinks is a fantastic platform for new bloggers and content creators. And besides that, some merchants in several niches are only connected with Skimlinks and no other networks.