Widen Your World With Etihad Airways

You can`t teleport. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to rely on more traditional modes of transportation. Going somewhere by car is cool, but you know what`s even cooler? Flying and defying birds to demonstrate your mastery of physics laws. That`s right, flying is fantastic, and that is why you should be smart enough to choose with whom you fly. They never disappoint you and make travelling super easy and comfortable.


Etihad Airways, founded in 2003, is Abu Dhabi`s renowned flag carrier. In 15 years, it has established itself as a 5 star airline with luxurious premium cabins and excellent customer service. Its cabin crew, seats, onboard services, and food and beverages are well known.


Why should you fly with them?


Their flight comes with a long list of perks, from movies and box sets to keep you entertained throughout the flight to WiFi, so you don`t miss anything back home.


The recreation


The E BOX entertainment system boasts a seemingly limitless library of movies, TV shows, magazines, and audio recordings. Kids will enjoy the `just for kids` channel, including Disney classics, animated movies, family friendly TV shows, and games. They`ll also appreciate the two screens available: one on the back of the seat in front and the other as a hand held device that also functions remotely.


The USB charging ports, which are available in all seats, may come in handy. You could charge your phone for the duration of the trip. In flight internet, or `WiFly,` is also available for a fee.


The assistance


The staff is pleasant and attentive. Meal service is quick and efficient, and your satisfaction with the service is only increased when the hosts serve you the best, and you will keep coming back because they are very accommodating, whether it`s assisting you in finding a new seat or having snacks on hand.


For families


With kids` menus available to order ahead of time, they aim to please even the pickiest eaters. Children`s meals are served first in boxes featuring their characters such as Zoe the Bee, Jamool the Camel, Kundai the Lion, and Boo the Panda.


Children over the age of three will also receive an activity pack containing games and puzzles. They also provide complimentary prams at all landing gates to keep tired children occupied.


Nannies who fly


Their Flying Nannies, identifiable by an orange tunic worn over their uniform, are accredited by Norland, the United Kingdom`s childcare nursing college. All long distance Etihad flights will have at least one nanny on board to keep children entertained during the flight.


While the nannies must look after all of the children on the flight, they can assist in getting them settled for bed and can provide invaluable advice and support to parents.

Every nanny is given a goody bag full of games and activities to facilitate face painting and coloring in competitions.


First and business class


Families traveling in business or first class and their Guest Gold members can take advantage of Family Rooms in airline lounges. These are equipped with books, toys, television, and dedicated children`s menus. Each lounge also has a qualified nanny on staff so that parents can take advantage of the other amenities. The Abu Dhabi Premium Lounge is the largest you will ever see. There is 5 star dining, WiFi, and showers.


For families who require more space, comfort, and privacy, the lounge can be upgraded to a private space.


Regardless of Class, Comfort


All Etihad Smart Seats feature adjustable headrests, adjustable back support, ample legroom, and incredible recline capabilities. Economy class has extra legroom seats. First and Business Class offer fully flat beds for maximum comfort. All passengers are given full sized fleece blankets.


The Bidding Procedure


It provides a Bidding Scheme for empty neighboring seats on long distance flights. According to the Neighbor Free scheme, you can bid before takeoff to keep up to three seats adjacent to you free, or you can bid to upgrade to the next cabin.


Chauffeur service is available.


When arriving or departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Economy Class passengers receive free inter emirate coach service. Seats should be reserved as soon as possible. Chauffeur Service, which operates with a full Mercedes Benz fleet, is available to First and Business Class passengers.


Coach Etihad


These Airways provides free coaches for all passengers between Abu Dhabi Airport, Dubai, and Al Ain.


Reserve Airport Transfers


Travellers can pre book airport transfers all over the world through Etihad`s partner Conxxe.


Services with added value


It provides first class lounge access and priority check in for Business class passengers. Certain cities, such as London, offer free limo service to and from the airport.


With this airline, your on ground experience is just as important as your flight experience – expect extras like pre ordering options, family services, transfers, and airport lounge access, so you can travel from point A to point B in comfort and style.