Traveling Made Easier With Air Arabia

The majority of us choose an airline based on the destination and price. Others include loyalty rewards among the criteria. Few of us think about seat size when booking flights. Above all, we want to arrive at our destination. For the price, business class is considered a luxury, and economy class is the way to go if you want to fly cheap.


Air Arabia is a Saudi low cost airline that serves over 120 destinations worldwide. Air Arabia has flights scheduled to Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Air Arabia`s headquarters are located in the A1 Building Sharjah Freight Center at Sharjah International Airport. The airline is a distinguished member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization, which was founded in 2003 on the 3rd of February by a decree issued by Sharjah`s Ruler, Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. However, flight operations began in October of the same year. The first flight took off from Sharjah and landed at Bahrain International Airport.


Air Arabia is the leading airline in the Middle East and North Africa as a Low Cost Carrier. It guarantees unrivaled dependability and comfort while travelling, as well as excellent customer service.


`Pay Less. Fly More, ` the airline`s slogan, indicates that making flyers happy with their economy services is the Saudi Arabian airline`s motto.


Flight Booking 


If you want to book an Air Arabia flight, you have a lot of options. Both offline and online flight booking has simplified the process for everyone.


There are several ways to book an Air Arabia flight:


● Booking via the airline`s authorized online booking platform

● Booking through dependable, mobile friendly travel websites

● Booking through the Air Arabia mobile app

● Calling the 24 hour call center where you can book through Air Arabia travel advisors

● Visiting travel agency offices.


The airline`s advanced mobile website keeps travellers up to date on travel information while they are on the go. It is recommended to follow Air Arabia`s social media accounts because the most recent news, current deals, and discounts are made available on various airlines` information portals. You can also use the free Air Arabia app to stay up to date on the latest flight ticket deals. The app also allows for instant bookings.


You can not only book your tickets online but also use web check in.


Classification of Cabins


Air Arabia flights only offer Economy Class. The airline offers a variety of in flight services to its passengers.


● You get comfortable seats with plenty of legroom while on the board. Before boarding and flight departure, you can reserve a window or aisle seat, if available.

● While onboard, you can savor sumptuous food from the Sky Café menu, which must be reserved in advance.

● Flyers can interact and socialize with other passengers through an interesting `Fun Onboard` programme.

● There is also plenty of entertainment for children. They can also participate in educational quizzes. The bonus is that they can take pictures with cartoons at airports.

● Passengers on Air Arabia can read an in flight magazine. `Al Nawaras` is the name of the magazine.

● Quality customer service is provided by the most professional cabin crew.




The airline offers three categories of fares: basic, value, and additional. Meals are not included in the base fare, but you can pre order an in flight meal for an additional fee. Sky Café menus differ for the UAE, Egypt, and Morocco. You can select your favorite meal option that you would like to receive on board. The food is tasty and reasonably priced.


Baggage Information


For economy class passengers flying to or from Egypt, you are permitted to carry a maximum of 30 kg of baggage. The baggage allowance for other routes is 20 kg. Additional luggage will be allowed for a fee. However, you must ensure that the total weight of all checked in bags does not exceed the maximum limit of 32 kg. Air Arabia allows hand baggage with a maximum weight limit of 10 kg.


Pre booking an extra baggage allowance allows you to save a significant amount on the charges for your extra bags. Savings of up to 90 percent are possible, but you must book at least 12 hours before the scheduled flight departure.


Final verdict


When it comes to spending your vacation somewhere, traveling is the first thing that comes to mind. Choosing the right destination to enjoy your time is essential, and you should be knowledgeable about everything, from your travel partner to flight bookings. Everything matters because the services you receive on a flight make your mood much better to travel, and you will feel fresh instead of tired. Air Arabia is always providing the best services possible to enjoy the environment you desire.